About Me

“I would be brave, for there is much to dare.” — Raggers Creed

I’ve been adventuring since I was a kid but only recently have begun considering and working on this aspect of my life professionally. I admire a lot of different professional adventurers and most of them are experienced and skilled photographers like Chris Bukard, Callum Snape, Max Rive, mostly lifestyle photographers. Currently my part-time lifestyle.

I’m a skilled adventure-based photographer and videographer, an experienced writer and wild-at-heart traveller. That’s easy to say and definitely is a large part of who I will become. But I’m also uniquely skilled at and passionate about challenging traditional masculinity through my work with boys. So over the last few months I’ve been developing a vision that brings those two parts of me together. Here’s what I’ve come up with, partly hoping that the more often I share and talk about this idea, the more clearly defined it will become.

I guide boys through outdoor experiences and feminism-based transformational masculinities. The themes I explore in my photography are ‘humans + wilderness’ (landscape images showing the interaction between people and the natural world) and ‘boys + tenderness’ (candid and raw images showing moments of closeness and support between boys and young men). My goal is create a body of work from these experiences that illustrates connection and interdependence in places we are often told they don’t exist. I believe that in a world in which division and isolation define both our societal relationship to the earth and traditional expectations for boys and men, this work is deeply needed.

The name for this program is probably going to be related to a wolf pack, and that’s about all that I have figured out.

The Outbound Collective

I’m an Explorer with The Outbound Collective, a company built to help everyday people discover the best outdoor adventures, ‘a new generation’s go-to resource for getting outside and planning travel.’ Being an Explorer means I’m a local expert and hand-selected elite member of The Outbound community.

Keep Exploring

I’m an Ambassador for Keep Exploring, a company dedicated to helping people find adventure in the everyday. Anti-routine, pro-encouragement, they’ve built a culture of authenticity and inspiration where everyone belongs and is called to love the wild spaces around them. Hit me if you want a discount promo code.


I’m a Featured Contributor on Ello, an engaged community of artists, designers, photographers, etc. who are shaping the world for the better. I love how committed they are to uplifting artists and partnered with them as part of the 2017 cross-Canada cycle expedition, As the Raven Flies

Leave No Trace

I’m a Member of Leave No Trace Canada, an organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation by building awareness and respect for our wildlands. I firmly believe in and follow the practices of LNT camping in order to preserve the integrity of the ecosystems I am privileged to be able to explore.

I have no idea who, if anyone, will look at this page. But just wanted to add in conclusion to get in contact with me if you’d like to travel or work together. I love company and I wish I had more adventure-focused people in my life, plus my bucket list needs help to get done. Links in the footer.

Last updated in April 2017.