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If you are willing to open your door, we would gladly take a break from the cold hard ground to have a shower and a warm meal, a couch, or just a carpet floor with an outlet to charge our gear. You can check our route map to see if we’ll be coming near you, and keep in mind we might be willing to go a bit out of our way if it means getting out of the rain!

Please fill out the form embedded below and we’ll follow up with you. If you’re not comfortable putting your information into a Google Form, you can always email instead.


To help with logistics here is a rough itinerary of where we’re going to be and when. The timing is relatively certain for Atlantic Canada until Ottawa, and becomes more rough from there. We’re currently scheduled to arrive in Ottawa four days ahead of time, which we’ve done in preparation for delays and detours. Sorry for the uncertainty but our progress depends on a lot of moving factors.

Last updated April 20.

Atlantic Canada

  • May 3-May 17: Newfoundland from St. John’s to Port-aux-Basques on the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1)
  • May 18-May 25: Nova Scotia around Cape Breton to the Windsor area
  • May 26-May 30: Prince Edward Island from Wood Islands to Borden-Carleton
  • May 31-June 5: New Brunswick along the north coast of the Bay of Fundy to Saint John, Saint John to Miramichi on Highway 7 and Highway 8
  • June 6-June 13: New Brunswick to Québec along the coast and Gaspé Peninsula to Matane

Eastern Canada

  • June 14-June 30: Québec and Ontario along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to Ottawa
  • End of June and beginning of July: Ontario from Ottawa to Sault Ste. Marie on the Trans Canada (Highway 17)

Central Canada

  • Beginning of July to mid-July: Ontario from the Sault to Kenora on the Trans Canada (Highway 17)
  • Mid-July: Manitoba from Falcon Lake to Portage la Prairie via Winnipeg on the Trans Canada (Highway 1)
  • Last week of July: Manitoba and Saskatchewan from Portage la Prairie to Lloydminster on the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16)
  • Last couple days of July: Alberta from Innisfree to Edmonton on the Yellowhead (Highway 16)
  • First few days of August: Alberta from Edmonton to Grande Prairie on Highway 43

Northern Canada

  • First week and a bit of August: British Columbia from Dawson Creek to Toad River on Highway 97
  • Second week of August: The Yukon from Upper Liard to Whitehorse on Highway 1
  • Mid-August: The Yukon from Whitehorse to east of Dawson on Highway 2
  • Third week of August: The Yukon and Northwest Territories from Dawson to Inuvik on the Dempster Highway (Highway 5 in YK and Highway 8 in NT)

After this point our route needs to be confirmed still. We’ve had a lot of different prep to do and haven’t finished this.