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We’re willing to bet that the list of people with whom you’d be willing to bicycle 15,000 km is a short one. Same with us. We’ve been friends for the last half-decade since crossing paths at university. Stayed connected across different continents and journeys, and for 2016-2017 committed to being in the same place at the same time, preparing for this project.

Individually we are Jonathon Reed and Asad Chishti; together we make up Chairs and Tables. We’re both twins and both committed to doing collaborative, meaningful work.

Jonathon Reed

Jonathon is a semi-professional adventurer with roots in education and activism. He’s a skilled photographer and writer and is currently focused on developing his skills in film-making. He works predominantly at a private school and a summer camp. He’s fluent in French. He’s a sunriser. Two major passions of his would be transformational masculinities and climate activism. Also breakfasts.

You’ll be able to find Jonathon’s photography and writing while on the road on 500px and Exposure, which will be updated semi-regularly depending on his physical condition plus wifi or cell coverage.

“As an activist, I have a vision for Canada’s future. But it’s relatively indistinct and unhesitatingly idealistic; and I find myself wondering how much of it is a veneer, how much is brittle dreams without substance underneath. If I have a vision, how do I substantiate it? How do I reconcile it with the Canada of today and the Canada of 150 years ago? What is Canada’s role in building a better world? What is mine?” — Why I’m Cycling Across Canada in 2017

Asad Chishti

Asad is an inventor with roots in chemistry and journalism. He's rarely seen without a camera and is currently working out his history buff muscles. He takes photos and writes strange rhymes which may be found on his Instagram account or on chance encounters with him in the wild.