My name is Jonathon Reed. I started teaching myself graphic design as a teenager in order to create more effective promotional material for a youth organization that I was part of. During high school and university I continued to build skills in graphic design and photography in a variety of volunteer positions. I’m now a professional freelance designer, but because of my origins in multifaceted grassroots projects, I’m experienced in more disciplines than the average art school graduate. No offence to art school graduates.

I’m an award-winning designer, photographer and writer. I’ve created posters, brochures, business cards and social media campaigns. I’ve been an event photographer and a photojournalist, shooting everything from family portraits to the street protests of COP 21. I’ve been featured in publications online and in print.

If I was creating a website for you, I could design the visual branding, write the code and the content. That’s what I do. Handcrafted, effective, multidisciplinary storytelling is what Original Story Design Co. is all about.

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Past Projects

As the Raven Flies

Graphic Design / Web Design / Photography

As the Raven Flies was a 15,000 km cycle expedition across Canada focused on discovering and documenting lesser-heard histories and experiences as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. In the months leading up to the cycle tour, I designed the project’s visual identity for use in a dedicated website and Kickstarter campaign.

Website / View on Behance

Wild Pine Printing

Graphic Design / Screen Printing / Web Design

Wild Pine Printing was a collaboration with a visual artist to raise funds for a cross-USA road trip. Using her designs and my screen printing skills, we created t-shirts and patches that were sold online, in markets and local stores. I processed hand-lettering pieces and printed them by hand, designed the project’s website and created content for social media.

Website / Facebook


Graphic Design / Photography

TEDxQueensU is one of the largest TEDx events in Canada. I volunteered with the organizing team twice during my time at Queen’s University. For TEDxQueensU 2015 I was the lead graphic designer, creating the logo, posters and social media content; and I was one of two official photographers at the event itself.

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