I’m a certified teacher and long-time summer camp head counsellor. I speak with young people easily and I err on the side of the dramatic. Because my background is in education, I’m collaborative and flexible as a speaker. My presentations can be as interactive or as traditional as you want, whether it’s just a portion of a class or a school-wide assembly. Let me know and we’ll give your students something to remember.

Currently booking for fall 2018. Contact me for dates.

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Climate Activism

“I refuse to do nothing.” — My old longboard deck

For students studying climate change and democracy. I connect youth-led movements throughout history to the growing pattern of youth taking action today in the face of the climate crisis. I share stories from my experience in the climate movement—getting tear gassed at the Paris Agreement, being arrested on the steps of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, bicycling 15,000 km across Canada to visit some of the places most threatened by climate change—to engage students and empower them to work together to make positive change in their communities, and to become the climate leaders we so desperately need. Students gain a better understanding of youth leadership throughout history and the unassailable value of their own voice.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” — Mary Oliver

For students in outdoor education or at a transition point in their lives. I present my philosophy of ‘doing’ happy rather than ‘being’ happy, following my long-standing habit of writing down the best part of every day from the French Alps to the deserts of Utah to my own backyard. I combine candid stories, award-winning photography and practical advice to motivate students to dream big and follow through. I talk about controlled risk and how it influences my work. Students come away with inspiration and intentionality—to find what they love, and pursue it with purpose.


“The time has come for us to allow boys to craft this new, far more flexible code of manhood.” — William Pollack

For boys. Depending on students’ experiences, I talk about the hierarchy of masculinity, the unwritten rules of boy culture, societal expectations of traditional masculinity and how these things impact boys’ self-identities and relationships with others. Homophobia, emotional literacy, body image, sexual health, etc. I use my credibility as an athletic young man to guide boys towards a culture of compassion and support, a culture that celebrates both strength and gentleness and affirms their masculinity without making them prove it. Students gain vocabulary, connections to their own lives and an open door to new forms of masculinity. You can see more of my involvement in masculinity work at jonathonreed.com/masculinity.

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